About Jan Bowen-Nielsen

DipIoD, FInstLM, MBA, BSc

About Jan Bowen-Nielsen

Inspires Audiences

Jan speaks at virtual and in-person events around the world to audiences ranging from master classes for small groups of senior executives to more than 10,000 delegates at large conferences. Jan presents with real energy and deep practical know-how around leadership, coaching and having high quality conversations with team members and clients. He is highly engaging and leaves his audiences inspired to go back and make changes to how they work with their teams, their customers and themselves.


Jan is a highly respected and award-winning executive and business coach, trainer, consultant, non-executive director and speaker. He has extensive experience in helping boards, senior executives and leadership teams develop and improve the performance of their organisations, their teams and themselves.

Senior Management Career

Before setting up his own consultancy, Quiver Management, 19 years ago, Jan had a successful senior management career with blue-chip companies in the UK, Denmark and USA. He became renowned for his ability to initiate and lead successful change programmes within large international corporations, culminating in a CEO role where he implemented a turn-around of an international US-based company.

Executive Coach

Over the last 19 years Jan has coached hundreds of senior executives in large international companies and professional firms, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs in high growth companies.

Impressive Client List

Jan has worked with an impressive list of clients including Shell, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco, Fujitsu, Aberdeen Standard Investment, Scottish Water, NATS and HP amongst many others.


Jan is a professional member of the Professional Speaking Association, a member of EMCC, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a member of the Institute of Directors. He holds a Diploma in Company Direction, an MBA from Henley Management College and is a qualified coach.


Jan is Danish and lives in the beautiful Cotswolds in the southwest of England. Jan enjoys endurance events having completed Marathon des Sables, Ironman and other long-distance running and multi-sport events.


Be More Human, Your Real Edge

Expert, are you listening?

Keynotes & Masterclasses

The COVID-19 pandemic made remote and home working a sudden enforced reality on an unprecedented scale across the Globe. It will leave a lasting impression on the way that people live and work.

As we come out of the pandemic we will not just return to the old ways of working from offices, neither will we simply all work from home. The new way for most will be hybrid which will bring new challenges for staff and leaders.

As a CEO of companies in the US and Europe, Jan has led remote and hybrid teams himself for more than two decades, and as an award-winning executive coach he has helped hundreds of senior executives with hybrid teams. In this keynote Jan shares how to get the best out of your hybrid teams, manage performance based on output not input, motivate and empower your team to get on with their work and how to encourage your dispersed team to collaborate with each other, all areas you now need to deal with as a leader of hybrid teams.

For boards, CEOs, HR directors and senior executives.

Will technology, robots and artificial intelligence replace financial advisers, accountants, lawyers and other advisers? In this popular, thought-provoking and positive keynote Jan explores how clients’ expectations are shifting and how advisers’ roles need to evolve to remain relevant and continue to add value. Advisers need to make more of their innate human abilities to make clients feel understood and to become a trusted adviser. But this means building a new skill set around having quality conversations with clients, a skill set which are absent from most professions’ technically focused curriculum. Jan will leave the audience with a number of practical tips they can apply in their conversations with clients to add more value and build stronger relationships.

The sessions are based on a book which Jan is in the process of writing. The book is expected to be published in 2020.

The keynote (or related masterclass) will be tailored to the profession of the audience and the client’s goals for the event.

For partners and client facing staff in professional services firms such as financial adviser practices, law firms, accountancies, consultancies and other advisory firms.

Do you struggle to attract, motivate and retain Millennials and Generation-Z team members? In this keynote Jan explores how Millennials’ and Gen-Z’s expectations of the workplace, how they are developed and their career hopes, don’t relate well to outdated management styles and company values.

However, it is just as important to recognise that organisations need to also attract and retain the Baby Boomers and Generation-X populations for longer, as the younger generations can only fill half of the jobs being vacated over the next decade. The talk will therefore look at what leaders need to consider and develop to effectively attract, lead and retain four generations of team members.

For Boards, CEOs, HR directors and senior leaders

A command and control leadership style will little time and space to grow and develop people doesn’t work anymore. The reasons for creating a coaching culture are compelling – it improves business results, it develops talent, it fosters innovation, it increases resilience, and it is what Millennials and Gen-Z now demands from their leaders in a 21st Century work environment. But many organisations struggle to implement it successfully.

Jan is an award-winning coach, coaching trainer and culture change expert, and in this keynote he explores what benefits a coaching culture brings, the implementation challenges and how to successfully transform a business. The audience will leave inspired and with practical steps to make coaching part of their culture.

(This keynote is also available as a Masterclass)

For Boards, CEOs, Business Owners, HR Directors and senior leaders.

Time is often a scarce commodity in businesses. If we just had more hours in the day, more resources, we could achieve so much more. We could grow our businesses faster, see more new customers, create more opportunities, develop that great idea we have and so on. Instead many leaders feel they are on a hamster wheel and not making much of a difference. Some people respond to this pressure by working longer hours to get things done, but that approach reaches some natural limitations eventually.

In this keynote Jan explores how we often get in the way of our own success and shares practical tools and tips for getting off the hamster wheel to become more effective and purposeful, so we can make a real difference where it actually matters to us!

(This keynote is also available as a Masterclass)

For leaders and managers at all levels.

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